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Penn State Research Staff

BRAVE: Anxiety Prevention in Preschoolers

Project Information: 814-863-6485
Stacey LeVan,
Frances Lobo,
Meghan McDoniel,

CoParenting, Infant Sleep, and Infant Development (SIESTA-FF)

Project Information: 717-695-7050
Karen Ecsedy,
Morgan Loeffler,

Emerging Relations Between Attention and Negative Affect in the First Two Years of Life (LAnT)

Project Information: 717-439-3956
Annika Kershner,
Samantha Leigh,

Multisystemic Therapy in Justice-Involved Juveniles: Mitigating the Effects of Inequality on Neurodevelopment and Ability to Succeed

Project Information: 717-478-3632
Jessica Bair,

Parent Regulation, Engagement, Stress, and Health (PRESH)

Project Information: 814-689-9810
Catherine Diercks,
Sandy Rosario,

Parent Regulation in Stressful Moments (PRISM)

Project Information: 814-689-9810
Catherine Diercks,
Sandy Rosario,
Mandy Skoranski, or

Parents and Adolescents' Reflections on African Americans Daily Experiences in Harrisburg (PARADE)

Project Information: 814-867-2352
Tiyobista Maereg,

Preventing Internalizing in Preadolescents Exposed to Chronic Stress (BaSICS)

Project Information: 717-745-PENN or 717-OYE-PSU1 Español
Holly Figueroa,
Tabatha Hahn,
Melissa Mesones-Ortiz,
Allison Pequet,

RiseUptown: A Comprehensive Community-Research Approach to Preventing Community Violence

Tabatha Hahn,
Chelsea Mayo,

Strong Family Foundations

Jenna Sassaman,

Temperament, Evolving Emotions, and Neuroscience Study (TEENS)

Project Information:
Andrea Cordero,
Briana Hernandez,
Tennille Hill,
Annika Kershner,
Samantha Leigh,



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