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Past Projects

A-n-T: Attention and Temperament in Infancy

The A-n-T: Attention and Temperament in Infancy study examines the way attention may be linked to temperament and emotional behavior from the first years of life.

Pérez-Edgar & Buss, PIs
National Institute of Mental Health

BaSICS Pilot Study

This project is a prevention program designed to prevent the development of anxiety and depression symptoms in preadolescent children facing chronic stress.
Wadsworth, PI
Africana Research Center and PSU Social Science Research Institute

Caregiving, Attachment and Regulation of Emotions (CARE)

The purpose of the CARE Study is to examine maternal caregiving and the development of infants’ attachment, emotion regulation, patterns of stress reactivity, and mental health in the first year of life; as well as to better understand factors linked to maternal caregiving.

Woodhouse & Buss, PIs
Funder: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Child Attention and Learning Study (CAL)

The Child Attention and Learning Study aims to understand the cognitive processes that place children at risk for the development of childhood ADHD, academic difficulties, and social skills deficits.

Huang-Pollock, PI
Funder: National Institute of Mental Health

Families, Adolescents, and Neighborhoods in Context (The FAN-C Study)

The Understanding Families, Adolescents, and Neighborhoods in Context (FAN-C) project is a mixed-methods study that examines how the neighborhood context influences family functioning (e.g., parenting strategies) and adolescent outcomes (e.g., racial and academic attitudes and behavioral well-being).

Witherspoon, PI
Funder: Penn State’s Department of Psychology, College of the Liberal Arts

Feeding and Caring for your Infant Study

The goal of the Feeding Infants and Toddlers study is to develop an optimized behavioral intervention that promotes responsive parenting and feeding among low income mothers enrolled in the Women, Infants and Children Program.

Savage, Birch & Paul, PIs
Funder: Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

PA-Pregnancy Project (PA-PREG)

The goals of the PA-PREG project are to understand patterns of substance use risk in our communities, connect women to community-based services, and to understand the psychological, biological, and environmental determinants of substance use, as well as the intergenerational effect it has in our communities.

Eiden, PI
Funder: Penn State

PATHS to Success

Parental support of learning for children in grades K-3

Greenberg, PI
Funder: Pennsylvania Department of Health


The Places/Lugares project is a study that examines how place (i.e., inside and outside of the residential neighborhood) and culture impact parental monitoring (as well as other parenting behaviors) as well as shape the link between parenting practices and youth behaviors among Latino families. All aspects of the project are provided in English or Spanish.

Witherspoon & Bámaca, Co-PIs
Stephen Matthews (Investigator)
Funder: National Council on Family Relations (NCR) Innovation Grant

Proyecto Places/Lugares

El proyecto PLACES/LUGARES es un estudio que se enfoca en como los lugares (i.e., adentro y afuera del vecindario residencial) y la cultura afectan como los padres cuidan a sus hijos (y otros comportamiento de los padres) así como moldean la asociación entre las prácticas de los padres y los comportamientos de los jóvenes en familias Latinas. Todos los aspectos del proyecto se proporcionan en inglés o español.

Investigadores Principales: Witherspoon & Bámaca
Investigador: Stephen Matthews
Beca innovadora del Consejo Nacional de Relaciones Familiares (National Council on Family Relations, NCFR)


The P-PLAN (Parents Planning & Learning about Attention-Related Needs) seeks to understand health literacy among caregivers of school-age (grade K-5) children with ADHD, including (a) how caregivers seek out and make sense of information about ADHD, (b) how they make decisions about ADHD treatment, (c) their experiences of interacting with professionals about their child’s ADHD, and (d) their supports and needs for support related to parenting a child with ADHD.

Prins, Woodhouse, Witherspoon & Huang-Pollock, PIs
Funder: Penn State College of Education; Penn State Children, Youth, and Families Consortium

Study of Infants’ Emergent Sleep TrAjectories (SIESTA)

Project SIESTA (Study of Infants’ Emergent Sleep TrAjectories) is a study of parent and child contributions to the development of infant sleep patterns across the infant’s first two years of life.

Teti, PI
Funder: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Talk, Touch, and Listen

The Talk, Touch, and Listen study uses a university/community partnership approach to deliver an 8-week parent support group called Talk, Touch & Listen While Combing Hair. This program promotes positive interaction during the everyday routine of combing hair to strengthen parent-infant and toddler attachment relationships.

Woodhouse, Lewis & Witherspoon, PIs
Lehigh University

Thinking About Positives (TAP)

The goal of this project is to test the feasibility of a mobile stress-reduction app (iPod/iPhone) in adolescents who have elevated anxiety/stress symptoms and/or who are exposed to community-level stressors.

Dennis & Buss, PIs
Funder: Frontiers of Innovation Grant, The Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University


Teens’ Interpersonal Environments (TIES-ENLACES) is our most recent project focused on understanding Latino parents’ and adolescents’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviors regarding peers, friends, and family.

Bámaca, PI
Funder: The Pennsylvania State University


Teens Interpersonal Environments (TIES-ENLACES) es nuestro proyecto más reciente enfocado en comprender los pensamientos, sentimientos, y comportamientos de los padres y adolescentes latinos en cuanto a sus compañeros, amigos, y familiares.

Investigador Principal: Bámaca
Fundación: The Pennsylvania State University

Toddlers Into Kindergarteners: Emotions Study (TIKES)

This research project explores the development of children’s emotions from toddlerhood through the start of kindergarten.

Buss, PI
Funder: National Institute of Mental Health

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