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PACT Administration

In addition to our Community Advisory Board (CAB), PACT has an administrative team encompassing the Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director, and the Community Engagement Coordinator and Liaison. The administrative team attends all CAB meetings and is responsible for providing the guidelines that structure the relations between Penn State University Park faculty and Community Advisory board members and organizations.

Penn State University Park Researchers

Many Penn State University Park researchers present their proposed research studies to the CAB, and request feedback and advice on logistics such as recruitment sites, hiring, the suitability of data collection procedures and intervention content. CAB members vet PACT’s research projects and give helpful feedback, resulting in occasional modifications of protocols, engagement with new organizations for recruitment purposes, or the hiring of a local community member as a research associate.

Penn State Research Staff

Several staff work on the numerous research projects at our Front Street office. Many of them are hired through our community partners. Our research staff strive to maintain positive relationships with Harrisburg organizations and community members.


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